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I am one of the many artists shunned and ran out of my home by the Dumblr purge. I came here seeking refuge and to post tiddy artwork and such.

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Posted by Bblebubbles - June 23rd, 2019

Hey, I know I don't upload here too often and my following here is rather small but, Trying to reach out to as many people as possible on this one.

Over on my discord I'm trying to host a Tabletop game, used to be DnD but after months of going back and fourth on volunteer DM's and me never having played a table top before, I decided to make my own Game from mostly scratch and the tiny little scraps of what I knew from DnD and RPing in wow And am going to DM it myself.

Just one problem...

We are kinda' bleeding players and if we loose any more we wont be able to play as our party will be too small. So I am formally extending the invitation to literally ANYONE who is even remotely interested. I am allowing almost any race/class combo as well as allowing most fantasy races to be playable. I am very much anti-fun police about this stuff and so long as you write your character to make sense I am cool with it. I promote that sort of thing really.

I put a lot of thought and effort into this Project and it will be upsetting to see it go under because some people ONLY wanted to play explicitly DnD without wanting to DM.

All this and I will be doing a Purge of inactive folks from the discord later today and it'd be really cool if we could get some folks who actually wanted to talk and be a part of the community I am trying to build.

All that said: here's the link to the Discord:



Posted by Bblebubbles - December 12th, 2018

updated on March 13th 2019



No Fan Characters/ Liscensed characters (Some exceptions)

  • This rule is more of a "Me" thing than anything else as well as to help avoid/root out character theft. Fan Characters (or FC's) is a simple term to say, a character you made that you've inserted into an already established, official property. So No, I probably won't draw your Naruto Fan Character you dreamed up in math class... Sorry. THE EXCEPTIONS HOWEVER: Are as follows: Basically any character from, lets say a video game or Something like that, where you have a character creator or something of the like. Prime Examples being the fact I draw a LOT of World of Warcraft Characters, because they are characters that people made themselves and are suppose to. Another Example being lets say a character from something like Skyrim, Fallout and hell, even Pokemon. (as most of the later games allow for actual character customization) As you are suppose to make a unique character and that character belongs to you.
  • HOWEVER I still will not draw any character WITHOUT their creators express permission. So, sorry but I will not draw Fanart of just flat out Naruto for you. As I would need Express permission from the man who Made Naruto himself. this goes for OC's of other people as well.


  • this one is pretty simple. Nothing explicitly illegal.
  • No Rape
  • No underage (Loli's and Shoutas can often be mistaken as such, So, Yes they count too. Shortstacks however, Do not as they are Usually Proportioned enough that you can tell their Age accurately.)
  • No Beastiality (This means characters/ creatures that are expressly Animals. I know the difference between something that is anthropomorphized and Something that is just an intelligent dog. The general Rule of Thumb is if it's Humanoid: it's usually safe to Lewd. That said, I am fine with drawing Animal characters, just never in any type of Suggestive situation.)
  • No Gore
  • No drug use (this one is a bit personal for me. Enough said)


  • Once you have sent me your commission information, paid my bill and are IN LINE you are no longer allowed to change the Information or requests of your Commission. It is final. the only real exception is if I ask about something that wasn't Specified in said Information like, the color of this characters shirt, What expression they should have, usually tiny details.
  • No Refunds. I'm Sorry but this is less a case of me being greedy and more my financial state. Chances are, by the time That money has reached me it likely will be spent on food or some other essential Transaction. I literally cannot afford to Give Refunds. I'm Sorry but this is why my Process is as In-depth and hands on with my Clientele as it is as to avoid you regretting your purchase.


  • To Commission me you need the following:
  • Money (obviously)
  • Discord (For reasons that will be stated below)
  • REFERENCES (listen, In most cases I am being commissioned by WOW RPers to draw their characters, that is more than fine. HOWEVER I will almost always NEED VISUAL REFERENCE. the only time there will be an exception to this is in the case mentioned above, because there I know A: in-game screenshots and B: TRP bio's to fill in the gaps. That said however, a good 50% of the time These descriptions are too Vague for me to work off of. Give me Specifics besides "Oh she's Curvy" because Curvy has like, Sixteen different definitions for different people.)
  • Availability (this is less a requirement and more something FOR YOU to speed up the process.More often than not I WILL STREAM me working. It is wise to keep an eye on my twitter and Discord as so you will be alerted to when I do these streams. That way If I make a mistake or need to ask you a question, You will be there in real time to answer/correct the thing in question.


  • I am more than Allowed to Decline your commission. It may be outside my Comfort zone, it may offend me or may break one of my rules above. Number of reasons. do not take this as "Don't ever Comm me again" It means I likely will still accept, Just Tweak a few details that I am 90% likely to point out when I decline. I need the Money and you want this thing drawn I am sure we can come to a compromise. That said however, it's unlikely I'll decline you. As of writing this I have only ever declined Two people and even then, one of them was more than willing to work with me and change the tiny details that I was not okay with. It's Unlikely but this is here just in case.

General Stuff

  • I will draw pretty much anything you pay me to. I am not Genre locked to Thicc women and Muscular Men. You want me to draw A Portrait of you, or hell, even me? Go ahead. I will draw it if you pay me to.
  • I can and will draw my own OC's for you. Again as stated above, I will draw just about anything. that includes my own characters. This could be them interacting with one of yours, Doing a thing they'd Normally just be doing or maybe even be doing a thing they normally WOULDN'T be doing. Again. up to you man, just gib me muny.
  • I Draw Suggestive at Best: That means Nothing explicitly Erotic. No Dicks going into any orifices, or in any state of Erect. No Overly detailed or Up-close shots of any Genitalia that is NOT covered. Or any of that. I am more than fine with general Nudity. I am more than fine with Soft-core suggestive content, like, lets say two characters making out while one cops a feel on the other. That stuff I am more than A-okay with. Characters actually having Sex? No.
  • Don't bug me to "Go bigger" because chances are, if you asked for my biggest I'll make them as big as I am comfortable with. I have gotten into arguments about this kind of thing and I am tired of this pissing contest of "Who's Oc's boobs are bigger" just. Stop. And please don't comment to try and guilt trip me into it, It makes me more angry than anything.

~~~~~~The Process~~~~~~~

So, heres how this works in a nice step by step Format

Step one:

  • You contact me

This can be through Twitter, in a game or Whatever platform I may be on, However, The next step will REQUIRE we move contact to Discord Private DM's for reasons I'll discuss in the next step

Step Two:

  • We Hash out the Information:

This is where most people get confused and is the MOST IMPORTANT PART besides me ACTUALLY drawing the thing. This is where I'll ask for you to describe what you want drawn, how you'll want it drawn and for any/all Available work/references related that I will need After that I will review it, And give it either the Okay or the Not Okay. The reason this Must be done on Discord is A. makes it WAY easier for me to stay Organized as any/all posts will still be there and easy for me to read, allowing me access to all information you send me without having to save it to it's own Separate File and B. Discord is free, easily available and most people already use it.

Step Three:

  • Payment:

Due to previously being scammed and conned out of work, I only accept payment up-front. You will NOT be added to my comm list until payment IS IN MY BANK ACCOUNT. this is to avoid any funny men who think to send Me the money on Paypal and Immediately revoke it. Once its in my bank, it's secure and You will be put in the que.

Step Four

  • The Work Process

After payment has been processed, all the information has been gathered and we've gotten this far, it's as simple as waiting your turn. at any given time I have one or two commissions in line that I need to work on. Its more than Likely you will need to wait a bit before I even get started on yours. But When I do I will alert you on Discord, So you will know once yours has been started. I will also Alert you to Me streaming Said Piece and anything related to it, that Including Rough WIP's of the piece just to make sure we are on the same Page and you are satisfied with how it is coming along as well as Any questions I may have for you.

This said I will not and likely won't give you/accept any Deadlines. You Rushing me just makes me spit the picture out at a Lower quality than either of us likes. I am known to take a few weeks to Even start pieces so please keep in mind that it will be a while. I will TRY to give you a rough estimate but keep in mind, once I start a piece I finish it within a few days.Patience.

Step Five:

  • Either all done or close to be

Pretty self explanatory. as said above, once I start it typically will be finished in a few days. the wait is mostly for me to start. It varies depending on how situations in my life are going.

Step Six


Once we are all done and I have finished your Piece, Please do Note that Reposting this piece WITHOUT giving me credit IS VERY NOT OKAY. I need as much exposure as I can get so you better goddamn credit me. There is a LOT of art theft going around these days and the best way to avoid it is to Spread yourself out as much as possible. You are more than allowed to repost my Piece But EDITING IT OR NOT CREDITING ME WILL RESULT IN ME TAKING ACTION TO MAKE SURE IT IS TAKEN DOWN. That said, I almost ALWAYS credit who has commissioned me by whatever given name you have gone by/want to go by and I will link back to you if possible.

~~~~~Payment details:~~~~~~~

All Prices are In US dollars

Do not be put off by how varied the selection is, Most comms typically come to around 50-60$ in total if you want a quick TLDR


Bust shot: 10$

  • the immediate Chest/head, No arms or Lower body

Torso Shot: 15$

  • most of the body, Head, hands and bust, think everything from the mid-thighs up but this can Vary.

Full Body: 25$

  • Pretty self explanatory. Basically anything that shows from the head to the toes and all the middle-grounds


Sketch/Black&White: 10$

  • A sketch. Usually not the most Clean or refined but is the quickest to get done. adding Black and white fills to it is also so easy It comes with this option if you so desire

Base colored: 15$

  • Comes with the Hard Linework as well as Unshaded Coloring. May sometimes have EXTREMELY BASIC color-shading, depends case by case but is usually unlikely and only will do so if the design itself requires it.

Full Colored/shaded: 25$

  • The Almost full package. Hard lined, Fully Colored and Fully shaded. Includes basic Effects such as Glowing features and the like, Will take the longest to Complete. Comes with a very basic Abstract Background with no Environmental Shading. (Meaning shades or lights cast by the Environment) and also May come with a foreground prop (Them leaning on a weapon or sitting in a chair for an example. anything that is required to complete the Pose but JUST that)

Side Charges:

  • Complexity: 1-15$

Different to the term used above. All this means is if you want me to draw your Godslayer High elven Adventurer in his full set of Mega ultra death spike armor... It's going to cost you more. I am an artist that normally draws People in various states of undress and even then said dress is usually Extremely basic. Keep in mind however That this charge is VERY RARELY Used.

  • NSFW/nudity: 5$

Sorry my Lewd friends but I got to keep SOMETHING here to keep be from being a full time Nudey artist. Characters with suggestive proportions/Designs do not count here. Only if the piece in question contains nudity or something Explicitly NSFW like, a character groping another character. that sort of thing.

  • Multiple characters: 5-20$ per character

This is Pretty self explanatory It honestly depends on the characters designs themselves, what previous options you've selected, and how they are interacting. This will usually be kept on the lower end of things, but the more complex group poses WILL be bumped up accordingly.

  • Detailed, non abstract Backgrounds (Only for Fully shaded): 5-10$

The reason why this is separate is simple: I am a character artist, Not an environmental one. I'd be lying if I said I was confident in my abilities to draw them, as such I will A. only do them for Pieces I have put a LOT of work into and B. Charge a smidge more for the Headache.

With all this said, That is all you need to know about my Commission Process, Rules and Prices. if you have any further Questions, Please Contact me on Discord. a Link to it is on this Profile, OR contact my on Twitter where I am more active if Discord isn't your cup of tea. Link to that is also on here as well.

Thank you for your time

Please respect my Gallery.


Posted by Bblebubbles - December 3rd, 2018

Heyo'. People. Wont be doing as much back-posts as I did before but, moved here because, more platforms I'm on, the better, right? Anyways, I'm one of the many getting slashed off Dumblr from them shooting themselves in the foot. I'm not really a pron artidst, more a Soft Rated M artist but still. All new posts will get dumped here As well as on my Twitter. However, I'll be more active over on said twitter but the best way to get a hold of me is over on my Discord. 

Anyways, thats all. have yourselves a great day, fuck Tumblr and stay Bubbly.